Teaching with Technology

Best Instructional Practices Aided by Technology

This page is not about how to use these tools – if you’d like technical support to learn how to use them, please reach out to the Canvas Technical Support group. This page is about using technology to help you to achieve your course’s goals and student learning outcomes (SLOs). Do you have an idea that you think will help improve student success? Let’s try to make that idea work by using any means necessary, including teaching technology.

How-To: Padlets

Coming soon.

Click here to get a more detailed look on how to best use padlets for your course.

How-To: New Canvas Quizzes

Coming soon.

Use the New Canvas Quizzes in the best possible way. This how-ro includes notes on math equations, formula-based questions and LaTeX inputs.

How-To: In-class polling

Best ways to do in-class polling – through peer-instruction and Think-Pair-Share. Also, LAs!

How-To: Make Effective Use of Videos

Coming soon.

Pre-class, in-class, out-of-class, student-created, … so many options!