Testimonials (Faculty)

Scott Stagg

I love having the LAs, and they are helping with coming up with the activities. I’ve said it many times, but having LAs truly transformed my teaching. This morning driving in, I was thinking about how they make the class very scalable. With enough LAs, even a larger class wouldn’t feel like too much burden […]

Penelope Kirby, Ph.D.

During the 2017-2018 academic year I was invited to participate in several statewide meetings that revolved around improving student retention and persistence in STEM. To improve the student retention of underrepresented groups in Calculus 1, I began re-working how I taught the course. I was offered the use of LAs to help in this initiative. […]

Stephanie Dillon, Ph.D.

I started working with the LA program as a mechanism to better serve the students in my courses. I had been looking at how to restructure the courses to involve more active learning and determined that a “flipped classroom” style of course structure would be the most beneficial. In order for this style of course […]

Brittany Kraft Ph.D.

An interview with Dr. Brittany Kraft (Biology) Why did you join the LA program? To better connect with my students in my large lecture courses. I want my students to experience more personalized and student-centered education, even when there are 300 other students in the room. Why do you continue in the program? CAT has […]

Kassie Ernst, Ph.D.

Learning Assistants (LA) are a huge help in my First-Year Engineering Lab classes. Engineering is such a broad field, and LAs always are able to speak to what they are currently working on in their discipline and skill set. They really help students grasp the realities of college in a way that I cannot. For […]

Kristina Bowers

“I asked to be assigned Learning Assistants for my online courses because I knew they could help me create a rich learning experience for my students. My students work in zoom breakout rooms with 4-6 students on an activity that helps students dig deeper into the subject matter. The LAs facilitate this by encouraging student […]

Leah Hollingsworth Ph.D.

“My goal in joining the LA program was to provide additional resources to incoming freshmen who might struggle with adjusting to the demands of a college-level math course. The LA program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as an instructor. For those students that engage and participate with the LAs, their success […]