Brittany Kraft Ph.D.

Brittany Kraft

An interview with Dr. Brittany Kraft (Biology)

Why did you join the LA program?
To better connect with my students in my large lecture courses. I want my students to experience more personalized and student-centered education, even when there are 300 other students in the room.

Why do you continue in the program?
CAT has the most amazing directors. They have helped me in all aspects of my teaching. They are so organized, responsive, kind and supportive. My LA’s have also been excellent. These students are kind and professional, and have wonderful ideas for ways to engage students. It’s been easy to continue with the program, and now I can’t imagine my BSC2011 lecture course without their help.

What are your perceptions of your LAs?
I am the kind of teacher that is constantly reevaluating my students’ learning experiences, and always trying to improve. My LA’s do a fantastic job of being flexible and open-minded. They’re willing to try new things, and to give me feedback if these ideas don’t work (or do!). The LA’s love working with other students, and I can tell they feel a lot of joy and pride from the experience.

Name something about student outcomes since you started using LA’s.
I don’t have any quantifiable data since I have used LA’s since I began teaching 200+ sections of BSC2011. But I can say that students have told me on their evaluations that they find the LA’s to be very helpful and available. The LA’s provide another point of contact for my students and new perspectives that I might not have considered. I am grateful for their help!