Weekly Teaching Tips

How Did It Go?

Don’t Let Your Good Ideas Get Away Congratulations! Spring 2022 is a wrap and summer break is just around the corner. We can all be proud of the learning our students did this semester, and now that we’re done (or almost done, if you’re still grading) we get the pleasure of starting to ruminate a […]

Getting Ready for Summer

Congratulations, Summer Teaching & a Workshop Congratulations! Classes are over and only finals week remains. We hope you have plans for some well-deserved rest this summer. But if you’re teaching this summer, you may be in the midst of planning a six-week course. “Compressed” or “intensive” classes, like those in summer A or B, challenge […]

Why Are We Doing This?

Reconnecting with the Course Goals The final weeks of the semester can be overwhelming. When there are too many tasks, too many competing demands for our attention, it can be difficult to prioritize and to focus. Many students are just trying to get through the term at this point, and they may have lost their […]

Better Final Projects

Strategies for Getting Students’ Best Work Picture this: It’s the end of the semester. Students have submitted their final projects, whatever form those take in your course, and you’re reading through them, feeling delighted (or relieved) because so many meet or exceed your expectations, and because you see evidence that students have done so much […]

Spring Break Refresh

Rebooting After the Break Spring break is back! After two years of COVID-19 disrupting our typical time off from classes, students and faculty alike are welcoming the return of our weeklong respite. Whether you’re traveling, staying put, catching up on projects, or claiming your well-deserved rest, we hope the time will be restorative. After a […]

Black History Month 2022: Featuring Bob Moses

Part 2: Learning from Bob Moses To celebrate Black History Month this year, we’re featuring two transformative Black educators who passed in 2021. Last week, we shared teaching advice from author, teacher, scholar, and activist bell hooks, and this week we’re featuring Bob Moses, who was a teacher, civil rights leader, and founder and president […]