Weekly Teaching Tips

Is Your Grade Book Full of Holes? + Upcoming Events

Missing Assignments: Exhaustion & Procrastinationå In the last few days, several colleagues have mentioned that more students than usual have been missing class or not turning in assignments here at the end of the semester. A host of reasons spring to mind, beginning with the most likely: stress and burnout. Like us, many students are […]

Examining Exams

How Are We Measuring Learning? Finals week is sneaking up on us this spring. This semester has been another tough one: students are exhausted and isolated, as well as frightened and distressed by the multiple acts of violence in the news. (Many faculty and TAs are similarly overwhelmed, of course). This is an important time […]

How Do We Respond?

Tending To Our Community Reported incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes have risen an astonishing 150% during the past year. The racially-motivated and gender-based mass shooting in Atlanta this week propelled the issue onto national headlines, but many of our colleagues, students, friends, and neighbors may have been feeling unsafe for a long while. When any […]

Let’s Get Moving

Spring Study Advice for Students The brilliant weather this week reminds us that it’s time to share our favorite study advice: we hope you’ll pass it along to your students. Too many students experience studying as a lonesome and sedentary activity, like poring over their notes or highlighting the textbook. But they’d be better off […]

Are Your Students Doing the Reading?

Supporting Academic Reading + Apps to Help It’s a familiar problem: only some students complete the assigned reading, so in-class discussion only involves a few participants or activities aren’t as fruitful as they could be. Maryellen Weimer summarizes: Getting students to do their assigned reading is a struggle. Most teachers don’t need anyone to tell […]

How’s It Going at Midsemester?

Checking in Halfway Through the Term It’s always illuminating to get students’ feedback on the way we’ve designed our courses: what’s helping them learn, what’s not helping them learn, and what adjustments we could make for the remainder of the term. Just the act of checking in with our students about how the course is […]

Any Questions?

Inviting Students to Ask Questions Have you ever stood in front of a class, or sat in front of a gallery of faces on Zoom, and asked, “Are there any questions?” only to be met with silence and lowered eyes or, equally disappointing, only to receive questions about something unrelated, like the word count requirement […]

Learning Better Together

A Brief Guide to Group Activities The last year has felt like a decade to most of us, so it must have felt even longer to our students, who are trying to figure out who they are, what they want to do, and how to face the future in the midst of a pandemic and […]