Weekly Teaching Tips

Capturing Your Best Ideas

What We Learn From Reflection Congratulations on another semester of great teaching. We can all be proud of the learning our students did this semester, and now that we’re done (or almost done, if you’re still grading) we get the pleasure of reflecting a little on what we’ve learned, too. Each semester we learn more […]

Compressed Semesters

Planning a Successful Summer Course Congratulations on all of the wonderful teaching you did this semester! Classes end today, and only finals week remains. We hope you’re looking forward to your plans for the summer. If you’re teaching this summer, you may be in the midst of planning a six-week course. “Compressed” or “intensive” classes, […]

How Is Your Response Rate?

Ideas for Improving SPCI Response Rates With only a week of classes left, we’d usually share some ideas for a great last class, but we recently got some good questions about the Student Perception of Courses and Instructors (SPCI) survey. Several colleagues mentioned that response rates have been lower than they’d wish, and they asked […]

Gone in 60 Seconds

Setting Priorities for the Last Few Weeks All of a sudden there are only two weeks of classes left in the semester. How did this happen? Whether it’s a class session or a whole term, when we feel like we’re running out of time to teach, it can be tempting to speed up the pace […]

But I Tried So Hard! + Showcase Today

Teaching Students How To Study Effectively You’re probably already seeing lots of tired faces in your classes lately, and the season of all-nighters is almost upon us. Many of our students may put off studying until exam week, and many will use time-honored but ineffective strategies like rereading, highlighting, and cramming. With the end of […]

What’s a Rubric? + Upcoming Teaching Showcase

Clarifying the Qualities of Successful Work Those of us who assign final projects (papers, presentations, videos, reports, etc.) have probably all had the experience of feeling perplexed by a lackluster batch of student work. Sometimes we may wonder if students even really knew what they were trying to accomplish. While the issue may sometimes be […]

What Did I Miss? + Upcoming Events

Recovering After Absences At this point in the semester, you may be noticing an increase in absences or missing assignments. There are plenty of reasons: Students may be feeling overextended, and they often have trouble managing competing priorities. They may stop showing up because they’re stressed. Viruses are still making the rounds as well. After […]

Formative Feedback + Summer Course Design Institute

Gathering Midsemester Feedback When teaching, it’s natural to wonder how the course is going for students. We might wonder what’s working for them and what’s not or whether they are really learning what we hope they will. Sometimes a few vocal students can make it seem like everyone’s “getting it” (or not getting it), so […]

Black History Month: Featuring Claude Steele

Learning from Claude Steele To celebrate Black History Month this year, we’re featuring renowned scholar and educator Claude Steele, whose social psychology research and higher education leadership has inspired generations of university faculty. Steele holds a B.A. in Psychology from Hiram College, an M.A. in Social Psychology from The Ohio State University, and a Ph.D. […]

Making Class Time Count

Planning Active Class Sessions One of the most common inquiries we get from colleagues is how to spend class time effectively. There are many ways to get students engaged in learning during class, and deciding how to make the most of their time and attention involves reflecting on your priorities for their learning as the […]

Metacognitive Wrappers + Upcoming Teaching Showcase

Exam & Assignment Wrappers By this point in the semester, your students have probably completed graded work and gotten some feedback, so they have a sense of their progress toward the learning goals of the course. After students take an exam or turn in a project, they usually focus on the score they got and […]