Weekly Teaching Tips

Students Are Thankful For Your Teaching

Gratitude From Your Students Welcome to the sixth year of our Thank-A-Professor Program, which invites students and alumni to send messages of thanks anonymously to their professors. Students have submitted hundreds of tributes this fall, and we hope reading some of them will make a wonderful start to your Thanksgiving break. We’ll be sending your […]

Sleep on It + A Workshop on Exam Design

Why Sleep Is Important for Learning Have you noticed students missing from your courses, or seeming more anxious or exhausted when they do attend? Both graduate and undergraduate students have mentioned recently that this is a very busy time of the semester. They have midterm exams and projects, and competing demands for their time and […]

Learning from Feedback

What Will Students Learn From Feedback? If you want to get good at playing golf, you probably already know that watching great golfers play won’t be enough. You’ll need to practice golfing yourself in order to develop your skills, and your practice will be much more fruitful if you have guidance and feedback from an […]

How Can Students Become Better Learners? + Upcoming Events

Teaching Students How to Learn Few undergraduates arrive at the university with a sophisticated portfolio of study strategies. Students may think learning mostly means memorizing, so they will spend hours going over notes and re-reading (or highlighting every line of) their books. Before they arrive in our classrooms, many of our students have had only […]

What Do They Know? + Faculty Reading Groups

Connecting Old Knowledge and New The book How Learning Works (a frequent CAT reading group selection) begins with this fundamental principle: Learning must be built on prior knowledge. When we learn, we are “interpreting incoming information and…perceptions through the lens of…existing knowledge, beliefs, and assumptions.” To learn effectively, students must connect what they learn to […]

Are Your Students Ready for Class? + Faculty Reading Groups

Guiding Students’ Preparation for Class The beginning of a new semester is a great time to help our students develop good habits that will make their learning experiences productive. Coming to class prepared helps them participate more fully and learn more deeply from in-class activities and discussions. Though reading, watching videos, or doing other preparation […]