Weekly Teaching Tips

Black History Month 2022: Featuring bell hooks

Part 1: Learning from bell hooks To celebrate Black History Month this year, we’d like to feature two transformative Black educators who passed in 2021. Their powerful work has been illuminating and liberating for so many people, particularly for those of us working in education, so we wanted to express our gratitude and share some […]

Making Room for Error

Creating an Error-Rich Environment for Learning To develop as thinkers, students need to wrestle with ambiguity, attempt to solve intractable problems, and grow more comfortable with a learning process that includes struggle. Unfortunately, many of our students have been conditioned by their prior learning experiences to fear failure and to avoid revealing ignorance. They may […]

It’s Just a Stage

How Students’ Reasoning Develops If you’ve ever felt frustrated that your students seem to think only in black and white, or that they seem reluctant to do their own reasoning, and expect you to provide the “right” answers to every question, you might be reassured to know that what you’re noticing is not intellectual languor, […]

Omicron & Absences + Faculty Reading Groups

Staying Connected During Quarantine & Isolation If you are feeling so tired of this pandemic, we’re right there with you. Because of the latest surge, we’re all noticing more student absences and requests for alternate ways to keep up with the class. Since we absolutely do not want ill or potentially contagious students coming to […]

Wrapping Up the Semester

Congratulations, Reflections & Feedback Congratulations! Fall 2021 is a wrap and winter break is just around the corner. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to read through the Thank-a-Professor messages we shared a few weeks ago, now might be a great time to do so and remind yourself how meaningful your work is. Students […]

What Are We Grading?

Grading Final Projects Regular classes draw to a close today, and only finals week remains. For many of us, the work of grading final projects, papers, or presentations looms. On one hand, it’s gratifying to see the learning students have done this semester, and on the other, evaluating their work takes a lot of thought […]

Gratitude From Your Students

Students Are Giving Thanks for All You Do! Welcome to the fifth year of our Thank-A-Professor Program! Students have submitted almost 900 tributes so far this fall, and their outpouring of gratitude feels especially welcome this year. Students expressed their heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and understanding in response to their difficulties, and they found […]

Lifting the Load

Considering Cognitive Load If you were going to teach someone how to drive, would you rather start in a large, empty parking lot or on a busy interstate? The answer is obvious, but the reasoning is worth exploring because of the implications for teaching other things. Experienced drivers know that driving on a busy interstate […]