Rachelys Jorrin

My name is Rachelys Jorrin, I am a first-generation student in the Biological Sciences major on a Pre-Medical track in hopes of attending medical school with a focus on pediatrics. Although my occupational goals are seemingly unrelated to my research, I have actually been able to attain a greater understanding of cardiovascular function and health, learn the Doppler Ultrasound technique, and take part in the data collection/analysis process in a lab setting. I have had an extremely amazing time partaking in this research opportunity and I definitely look forward to continuing on this path!

Long-Term Effects of Simulated Spaceflight Exposure Assessed by Doppler Ultrasonography

Authors: Rachelys Jorrin, Dr. Anand “Sunny” Narayanan
Student Major: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Anand “Sunny” Narayanan
Mentor’s Department: Biomedical Sciences
Mentor’s College: Texas A&M University
Co-Presenters: Deanna Vasserman


There are limited studies of assessing the ways in which cardiovascular health is affected by spaceflight. From this study, we investigate how spaceflight affects the heart and vascular properties of rats utilizing the Doppler Ultrasound Technique. This non-invasive technique allows us to acquire information on any effects resulting from spaceflight factors, including the single- and combined-effects of microgravity and deep space radiation. Doppler Ultrasound allows us to quantify heart rate and blood velocity, which is then mathematically transformed by a specialized computational program into specific measurements providing an index of cardiovascular function. These data are then statistically compared and tested for any effects from microgravity +/- deep space radiation exposure. These findings are still on-going, though once complete, can be extrapolated to astronaut health and identify what they may expect from missions to the Moon, and/or beyond, through our Artemis’ projects and human space exploration.

Keywords: NASA, Cardiovascular, Spaceflight