Testimonials (LAs)

Tristan Witkowski

Tristan on Creating Inclusive Spaces [LA Seminar Discussion] Everyone needs to be seen and understood. When teachers make their students feel seen, their students do better, they enjoy the class more, and they are motivated to do well. Feeling seen also allows the students to feel like they can talk to their professors, whether it’s […]

Vito Evola

As a passionate supporter of education, serving as a learning assistant for Florida State University has been an immensely gratifying experience. This role has afforded me the opportunity to not only acquire valuable teaching skills but also to deepen my understanding of the subject matter, cultivate my leadership abilities, and foster a sense of community […]

Mary Hanna

Although this is my second semester working as an LA, I did not fully understand its role in the classroom.  My first encounter with an LA was in MAC 2311 in the spring semester of 2021. Although this is when all classes were still consistently on zoom, with the help of different Learning assistants, they encouraged me. Even though my learning was not done in person, but rather over a computer screen […]

Gabriela De Jesus

I knew I wanted to get more involved on campus and began looking at available opportunities. I looked back at classes I had taken and remembered where I was successful, mostly due to the aid of my peers, and one peer, in particular, has stuck with me. Paige Rhein, another former learning assistant, was my […]

Amariah Hines

It is my honor to provide insight into my experience as an LA. I was initially hired as an LA for the Fall 2022 semester. I would get the ability to work with Dr. Diane Maltby, a MAC 1140 Precalculus professor. Her career has spanned over three decades and working with her has been a […]

Steven Gross

It was my first class at Florida State when I discovered the Learning Assistant (LA) Program. I was immediately impressed by the students who introduced themselves as our LAs, and felt a sense of comfort before heading into a notoriously difficult class knowing that they would be by my side throughout the term. How incredible […]